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Is it true that chain link devalues a property more than wood?

Just to clarify, adding a fence to your property adds value whether it is wood or chain link. As far a chain link adding less value than wood, that idea is completely unfounded. We install wood, chain link, ornamental and vinyl fences, and more and more people are putting up maintenance-free fences (chain link, ornamental or vinyl) because they don't want to have to mess around with the fence for the rest of their lives. When someone buys a house with a wood fence around it, they are also making a commitment to maintain it... and that is something many people are not willing to do any more because there are better alternatives available (and those alternatives also come with warranties). If you want our expert opinion, no-maintenance fences add more value to your property than wood fences. And we can say that just because of the trends we are seeing in our own business and in the fencing industry in general. Wood fences are really becoming a thing of the past.

The truth is that when you factor in the maintenance of a wood fence, they are by far the most expensive fence that a person can put up. And then after 10 years you have to start replacing it. If it is privacy that you want, you can now get no-maintenance privacy chain link which still costs significantly less initially than wood and we also install vinyl, which costs more initially than wood but in the long run is less expensive because there is no maintenance involved.

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