Privacy Chain Link Heading
PDS Slats

Chain link is the least expensive source for long lasting, maintenance-free privacy. There are a number of different styles of vinyl inserts available ranging from a semi-private to a fully private finish. In our opinion, vertical slats (as opposed to diagonal slats) are a better buy because they are more protected by the chainlink mesh and, as a result, will look much better over time.

The slats come in a variety of colors. The Corrugated slat is the least expensive of the vertical slats and is slightly wider than the Tubular slat, offering a bit more privacy. The Max slats give the most privacy. The slats come with 10 year limited warranty against cracking and fading. If you are putting slats in your fence there are some things you should be aware of before doing so, click here to learn more...

Privacy Slat Colors

color white white
color green green
color redwood redwood
color tan tan
color black black
color gray gray
color royal blue royal blue
color light blue light blue
color brown brown

(colors are approximate)