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Compare prices for wood and vinyl fences and compare prices for the different types of fences including chain link and ornamental.

The following information is based on ballpark figures only, if you want exact prices for your yard, it is best to contact a fence contractor in your area. However, we think this information will give you an idea of what the price differences are for the various types of fences. It is impossible to compare the different types of fences "apples to apples" because there are many different grades and products available within each fence type. We tried to base the estimates on average prices for a five foot high, good quality fence in each category. We use chainlink fence as a benchmark and the prices are based on a residential installation that includes supply of materials and installation. For example, if a chain link fence on your property would cost $1,000.00, the price tags for the other types of fences with the same lineal footage and configuration would be approximately as follows.

Fence Type Initial cost Maint. 10 yrs Total over 10 yrs
Chain link (Standard Galvanized) $1,000 N/A $1,000
Privacy chain link (Galv. w/ corrugated slat) $1,600 N/A $1,600
All-color chain link $1,600 N/A $1,600
Privacy all-color chainlink (w/ corrugated slat) $2,200 N/A $2,200
Privacy wood (Pressure Treated) $3,000 $450 + $3,450 +
Ornamental $4,000 + N/A $4,000 +
Privacy Vinyl (PVC) $4,000 + N/A $4,000 +

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