TrueFENCE is currently in its 17th year of operation. TrueFENCE has established itself as a leader in the provision and installation of quality residential and industrial fence products. TrueFENCE is COR certified and is able to pre-qualify for any commmercial or industrial projects.

Our goal is to give you peace of mind during the construction process and the finest fence for your money... every time.

We recognize that purchasing a fence is a significant investment and we want to take away all of your worries and the associated risks. Therefore, we have developed our NO-WORRY PURCHASE PROGRAM for fence installation. It entails a PRICE GUARANTEE, NO MONEY DOWN, a rock solid WARRANTY, and our commitment to QUALITY and TRUST.

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Price Guarantee*

Our free "written estimates" should really be called "written promises". Once the work has begun the price you see on the estimate will be the final price on the invoice--there are no surprises and there are no last minute up charges--It's as simple as that!

No Money Down, No Deposits

Most fence contractors will require a significant amount of money up front before they will begin construction on your fence--WE DON'T. With TrueFENCE Canada you don't pay a cent until the work is complete. Now you don't have to worry about the notorious "fly by night contractor".


We stand behind our warranties. Our chain link, ornamental and vinyl fences come with fantastic manufacturer's warranties and separate warranties for cement and workmanship.


We are in our 14th year of business - licensed and insured. In all those years we have never had one complaint to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) - we are proud of that. We base our business on honesty and integrity at all levels and in all relationships…..there is no better way!


Quality Workmanship, Expert Craftspeople, Professional Service. Our in-house training program produces real results.


We’re not ashamed to admit it…..we’re picky! Well, we prefer to say we’re “detail oriented”. It is very important to us that your fence is done right. Not only do we value your satisfaction but also we take pride in the finished product. A good-looking, well-constructed fence is the best tribute possible for our company and we know your friends and neighbours (and their friends) will be looking long after we have finished the job!


We don’t cut corners or ignore safety precautions. Our safety program is designed to protect our workers AND your family and property. We will always conduct a risk assessment and arrange a locate of underground utilities on your property. We comply with required hand digging precautions where necessary to minimize any risk.


Our installers are hand picked, friendly and respectful. We clean up behind us. We’ll take care of your property and minimize the impact of the project on your daily life. We recognise that it’s your home and we’ll treat it as such.


You will always be able to make contact with us by phone, fax or email. We return all messages and attend to your concerns promptly. If need be, we are pleased to meet with you in person at any time to discuss any concerns or changes and to answer your questions. A few days prior to the installation of your fence a TrueFENCE representative will go over any last minute details with you in person or by phone. You will know what to expect and when. We keep you in the loop and involve you in the process!!

We Deliver

No, not pizza (sorry). Promises! We deliver on our promises. We’ll do what we say we're going to do. You can rely on TrueFENCE. We will go the extra mile.

Get A FREE Fence Estimate

There is no charge for this service and no obligation is placed upon you. Even if you are not planning to build the fence for some time we suggest you contact us now so that we can provide you with accurate pricing and product options to assist you with your budgeting and planning process.


"I organized TrueFence to do about 11-12 fences in our neighborhood. They did a phenomenal job and everyone thinks it looks like a park."
Homeowner, Royal Oak, Calgary

"I would recommend TrueFence very highly. They did the job promptly, and did it for what the original estimate was and they did it in the time frame we requested. Excellent company."
Homeowner, Arbour Lake, Calgary

"TrueFence does all of our chain link fences for us; their pricing is quite good."
Morrison Homes (homebuilder), Calgary

We believe that you should be able to make the most informed decision regarding your fence and we have tried to provide valuable information at our Fence Buyer's University. There you will find all you need to know about building a fence.

*Conditions of the Price Guarantee