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What is the difference between rounded and square frame chainlink gates?

Rounded frame gates are made from bent pipe. corners are fabricated by bending the pipe 90 degrees. Square frame gates are made by welding the pipe together to form a square. In our opinion, there are a few advantages to choosing a square frame over a rounded frame gate.

For one thing, square frame gates are stronger because of the welded corners. When pipe is bent, some of the structural integrity of the material is lost.

Gate Round and Square

The second reason is that square frame gates can be adapted to slopes, whereas rounded frame gates cannot. Rounded frame gate leave a large gap and the top of gate will not match the rest of the fence.

Gate Round and Square on Slope

The third reason is that round frame gates leave a slight gap between the post and the ground. This gap can often mean the difference between keeping animals in or out of your yard.

The fourth reason is that we just think that square frame gates match the fence they are part of and, flat out, look better.

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