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Neighbor Issues

If you are going to build a fence, it is almost always a good idea to tell your neighbor of your intentions while still in the planning stages. Your discussion may result in your neighbor agreeing to share the cost of the fence, and it may very likely prevent hard feelings or even a dispute down the road.

Your relationship with your neighbor can very likely determine the position of your fence. When both parties are in agreement, the fence is usually located on the property line. If there is disagreement or the neighbor cannot be contacted, it is very wise to place the fence completely on your side of the property line.

What if your neighbor is uncooperative? You do not need your neighbor's permission to construct a fence provided that the fence is clearly on your property, but be sure tell your fence contractor so they may take precautions against trespassing on your neighbor's property and possible altercations.

The general rule for building a fence is to always involve your neighbors. This strategy may even save you money if your neighbor needs a fence too, because most contractors will give quantity discounts.

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