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Building Permits

You may or may not need a building permit to build your fence depending on the municipality in which you live. In Lethbridge you probably won't need a building permit unless you are building a fence that has a greater height than what is specified by the city (click here to view the City of Lethbridge Residential Fence bylaws). To summarize the bylaws, the maximum height of a fence is 6.5 feet for your backyard, 3 foot 3 inches for your front yard. There are special restrictions if you live on the corner of a roadway. Fences cannot be located on City of Lethbridge property or across City of Lethbridge utility right-of-ways.

Some communities have restrictions on the size and type of fence that you may put up on your property. To find out if there are any restrictive covenants or caveats registered against your property you can contact the community association or city in which you live.

Most contractors will have a clause in the contract stating that you, the property owner, will be responsible for all building permits related to building codes, utility right-of-ways, easements and property lines. Therefore, it is a very good idea to fully understand how your municipality's bylaws apply specifically to you.

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